Retro Happy Fair Haven Campers

Happy campers at the Fair Haven campout in 2013
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

It’s been a steamy summer. One hot Fair Haven summer event was a short-lived one for this seasonal reason, because it was, let’s say, too hot to handle. That would be the summer campout. It’s been moved to the fall.

OK, so it’s not terribly retro, but what a difference a few, or several, years makes when talking happy campers, anyway. On this particular pictured evening of six years ago or so, things were pretty cool on a not-so-hot summer night at Fair Haven Fields.

It was a first in community camp-outs and campers were primed. There was a time wayyyy back in the day, when it was cool to have tents and pop-up campers in your back yard. Many backyard sleepovers were had in Fair Haven in those days. But, those days have transitioned into this new tradition, with all of those neighbors. These buds and neighbor pals pitched their tents and then pitched in for some fun and games. As you can see, a few pranks were likely included or at least on their minds.

One, whom some may call the leader of this pack, had a birthday recently. Know which that is? Did you have a backyard birthday sleepover back in your day? Were you a camper? Where?

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