Retro Fair Haven Girlfriend Celebration

Gaggle of Fair Haven girlfriends get-together of the late 1960s
Photo/Sandi Richards von Pier

There’s nothing quite like a simple summer day of hanging out with a gaggle of your favorite gals. Back in the day, that was the way. Birthday party, perhaps? Those were no-frills home events, too. There were goodie bags, games and good ol’ fun.

And while home-based birthday parties were actually all the rage in the 1960s and even into the 80s, with slumber party and pillow fight bonuses, There didn’t need to be an occasion for which to just hang out with your best gal pals.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day, contributed by native Fair Havenite Sandi Richards von Pier, is all about girlfriends, simple get-togethers, and keeping the bonds going strong.

Some of these girls are still friends. Recognize them?

Whose house was your favorite place to hang out with your own gaggle of girlfriends? Activity? How about that magic 8 ball? Jacks?  Mastery Date? Remember The Dud?

Cheers to the girls and best of friendships under any circumstance ’til the end!