Retro Fair Haven Buds’ Bonding Times

Looking back again at some simple neighborhood kids’ fun from spring to summer to winter to fall …

Summer funnin’, they had themselves a blast. No matter the season, it’s all about lifelong bonds. Simple connections forged through some simple fun. A bunch of Fair Haven boys. A bag of Cheetos. Dirt-eating grins. Pranks. Pull the ol’ finger. The little things are what made these guys smile — and wipe their pants with orange-stained Cheeto hands.

It was the 1990s and cell phones were still a bit scarce — and way too big to tote around, anyway. They looked like a boot with a giant antenna. So, these were still the times of running, sunning, backyard fun and games, even if it meant just rolling around in the dirt and wrestling with one another. Yes, the dirt.

These were classic moments. A snapshot of the times. Buddies forever. One of these guys passed away two years ago … very unexpectedly. His smile still resonates with the grins of the old gang.

So, we honor good times in the old Fair Haven neighborhood with buddies with whom we grew up — like brothers and sisters. Those whose smiles, pranks and best of times stay with us forever — become a big part of who we are as adults.

These snapshots were shared two years ago by Dwayne Reevey. He’s the keeper of the coveted Cheetos bag in this pic.

Recognize anyone else? What do you think these guys were up to? Favorite backyard fun pastime? Dodge ball, anyone?