Retro RFHers’ Summer Adventure

It’s officially summertime, and the livin’ is … adventurous for many RFH students. Most are known to hit the beach, clubs or public, in Sea Bright. And some look for a little adventure in venturing away from familiar, iconic turf, and onto another great Jersey adventure, so to speak.

Either way, being cool and staying cool are synonymous for RFH summer staycationers. Whether close to (or at) home in Sea Bright or off to parts sort of known, as in a jaunt to Great Adventure, a dip some sort of cool water, laughs, sunshine and warm memory-making are requisite.

So, the Retro Pic(s) of the Day offer a glimpse back to the coolness of summertime adventure for RFHers. This crew from the RFH Class of ’80, and perhaps a few others in the mix, took a trip to Great Adventure and had, well, a little adventure.

There were some innocent hijinks involved and dipping in fountains and/or water parks and log flumes, no doubt.

What else happens when RFHers venture out of their usual turf for a summertime adventure? Your favorite summertime excursion? Recognize these adventurers? Do tell.