Retro RFH Prom Dress & Tradition

Well, Thursday night was prom night for RFHers. And, to take a look at the social media photos floating around out there is to know that the times sure have changed, starting with the prom look. The dresses. The hair. The after-prom events.

Dresses first. We thought we were pretty cool with our lacy faux Gunne Sax wedding/medieval frocks. Then there were those polyester pastels. A lot of us wore little combs in hour hair with flowers, corsages pinned to the chest. Oh, and the pinning “ceremony” at home was quite the photo session, Instamatic cubes flashing and circling with clicks at mule speed. And, yes, there were themes to the RFH proms of yesteryear. Hawaii, anyone?

Oh, and then there was the notion of post-prom sunrise watches (or glimpses) at some Sea Bright beach at dawn. Boom boxes and … Yes, times have changed.

So has the look. So has the tradition.

For one, the girls’ dresses are waaaayyyy cooler than our coolest Gunne Sax. One glance on social media and you’d think there was an Academy Awards ceremony somewhere in Rumson. Star quality girls’ coifs and dresses — the whole look, really.

The guys … well, they’ve always sported their tuxes well. Though, back in the day, there were hip powder blue or lime green polyester bad boy suits. Some stuck with black and white — phew! And, the hair styles. Well, we’ll leave thoughts of those to the active imaginations out there. Rather, the ones who lived it and wore it — well!

So, cheers to prom dress and tradition! Remember? Where did you go after the prom? What did you wear? Tell us about it and send us your prom pics at!