Retro Rumson Police Line-Up

Rumson police of yesteryear
Photo/Rumson PD Facebook

National Police Week is coming to a close. It was kicked off with the annual Police Unity Tour culminating in Washington D.C.. Rumson Police Chief Scott Paterson rode this year.

With the chief’s accomplishment and service in mind, the Retro Pic of the Day honors the Rumson Police Department with a glimpse bacon time to its officers of the past, courtesy of a photo from the Rumson PD Facebook page.

Whatever year it was, it looks as though there were eight officers in the department then.

Our guess, considering the uniforms, that Perri Eli was chief at the time.

The photo features: Henry Kruse, James Wallace, David Kenney, Edmond Desmond, Perri Eli, John Connett, Seth Johnson and William Zerr.

Do you know who the juvenile officer was at the time? Or was there such a thing back then? Ranks? Who was your favorite old time police officer from when you were growing up?

— Elaine Van Develde