Retro RFH Baseball Coaching Moment

RFH coach and teacher Hal Lorme circa 1970s
Photo/George Day

RFH baseball season just wouldn’t be celebrated properly without a look back at a popular coach like Hal Lorme.

Lorme, who coached at RFH for a long time and endeared himself to many, passed away. However, his memory is ingrained in many an RFHer’s mind.

So, in honor of Lorme and the season, we are bringing back this 1970s photo that was featured in a memorial slideshow of the well-liked gym teacher, coach, RFH Ski Club director and RFH Athletic and Jersey Shore Sports Hall of Fame inductee.

Now, what do you suppose was going on in this retro pic on the RFH ball field? Who’s out on the field? Can you caption this one? What’s on the coach’s mind?

Thanks to George Day for this classic snapshot of a beloved RFH coach!