Retro RFH Egg Hunting

Easter egg hunt with RFH grads from Class of 2006
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

Well, it’s that classic Easter egg hunt time of the year. There have been many over the years and this past weekend in the R-FH area.

In Fair Haven, officials call it the quickest event of the year, usually lasting a mad rush few minutes, if not seconds. In Rumson, the hunts have lasted a bit longer, with age groups and the Victory Park scenario. Yet, there’s usually always a few stumbles and tears when grasping for that prized egg. In Sea Bright, kids are beached with a hunt.

And there are bound to be more egg hunts over the Easter weekend in many a back yard or living room, depending on family tradition. The home hunt offers a bit more time and less competition for those eggs — or whatever.

So, this Retro Pic of the Day offers a hippity hop back to the 1990s with a glimpse of two Knollwood and RFH grads from the Class of 2006 on a front yard egg hunt of their own on Forman Street in Fair Haven.

These two showed off their prized Peeps and stowed away whatever the heck else they found in those plastic eggs. Money?  Hmmm. Though they were pretty pleased just to have a couple of Peeps each. Simple times, simple pleasure, and, yes, Peeps were permitted.

No golden egg was involved, and there may have been a family dog or two trying to beat them to the treats, but they had a good time.

Do you recognize these little ones? What’s your favorite retro Easter candy?