Retro RFH Biker Boys’ Ride

The way that chill has been lingering in the air in the Rumson-Fair Haven area, you may have forgotten for a cold snap moment that it really is spring. Ride it out. That’s usually the advice of warm spring day welcomers.

RFH biker boys on a Rumson ride
Photo/George Day

Well, back in the 1970s a couple of RFH guys did just that. They hopped on their Schwinns at the first bud of better weather and rode around Rumson looking for a full bloom of the season.

It is one sign of spring. The bikes come out and the young kids and teens are riding with the fair weather.

There are some differences nowadays, though. For instance, no one ever wore a helmet in the 70s. Call it risky behavior. Or you could call it status quo. That’s pretty much what it was. In fact, there was hardly a helmet in sight — except on motorcycle riders and RFH football players. Skinned knees and 10-speeds went hand-in-hand. The more skinned and scuffed the rider, the better cruise power and coolness he was thought to have.

Don’t try this at home though, kids. You may get in big trouble, not to mention not getting those police-inspired rewards for bike safety sightings.

It’s doubtful that these two RFH mischief makers got any awards for caution. Harmless, they were, though. Recognize them? What kind of bikes are these? What bike was all the rage then? Remember?

And where the heck were they? Off to see the Wizard, no doubt or, perhaps, conducting a teen version of the prestigious Rumson house tour? Hmmmmm. Caption this one!

Thanks to the fabulous George Day for yet another retro photo gem!