Focus: Reflections of Rumson-Fair Haven Life

You could call this week a reflective one in the Rumson-Fair Haven area. It started with a sad farewell to the young Fair Haven hometown hero U.S. Army Pfc. Jamie Riley, 21.

The featured photo and obituary about Jamie on Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect remained for the entire week out of respect for the Riley and Fair Haven families. And after some observation, immersion and reflection on this place so many call home, its people and their processing of tragedy as members of a tight-knit small town family, words of apt tribute slowly come together in a piece about it all. Sometimes, though, the reflection warrants a closer look to truly see its every detail.

That piece will follow. Reflection. The ceremony, the camaraderie, and, yes, again, the power of place all come into play when tragedy jolts serenity in a scene and ripples either disrupt the perfect, still image or, instead, give it rhythmic solace.

There’s comfort in the ripple, as long as it doesn’t distort, but rather enhances the prettiest picture of all — home.

So, reflect with us and take in some of the mirror image scenery of the area before the jolt and the ripple …