Retro RFH Girls’ Football Season Fun-Raising

RFH girls’ bake sale fun
Photo/Marc Edelman, Facebook

Football season is winding up — or down — at RFH.

But it wasn’t always just about football at game time back in the day — as if that wasn’t enough. As tradition had it, there were always lots of things happening before, during and after games, whether on the field, off the field, around the bend or, well, in the parking lot. Yes, the parking lot.

Back in the late 1970s or early 80s, the fun was all had in a fund-raising and fun-raising bake sale way in the parking lot. The exact cause is not known (or remembered in a senior moment).

But, it’s pretty much a given that the cause was related to sports, drill team, band or cheering — something RFH-related. By the looks of the faces on this gaggle of girls and the presence of the boom box, it’s likely there was something more than selling going on. Party? Hmmmm.

The bandana offers a telling fashion hint of the era. The girls? Know them? They’re definitely cooking up a recipe for fun at RFH. Wait. Anyone know why the parking lot is suspiciously empty?

Got game?