Fair Haven’s Democratic Council Candidates: A Chat with Cameron Spector

Cameron Spector
Photo/Fair Haven Democrats

In the race for the three seats that are up for grabs on Fair Haven Borough Council, six candidates are vying for the wins. Three are Republicans. Three are newcomer Democrats.

Of the three Democrats running, one is a recent Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) graduate

That RFH 2018 grad  is Cameron Spector.

Cameron Spector gave Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect a glimpse into his background and political vision for Fair Haven, as the youngest contender for a council seat, in a Q&A chat … 

Name, address, age:
Cameron Spector, 116 Lake Ave., 19 years old
Where did you grow up?
 Fair Haven, born and raised!
How long have you been a Fair Haven resident? If you left and returned, explain when and why. 
 I have been in Fair Haven all my life.
Any past experience on a local board or commission, organization or governing body? If not in Fair Haven, where, in what capacity and for how long?
 I was part of student government back in Knollwood, but I did a lot of work as co-president of the Thespian Society my senior year and setting up Film Challenges at RFH.
Volunteer work? Community organizations?
I have worked with organizations such as Lunch Break and the Covenant House to produce videos for them.
I have also made documentaries for some of the marches that have occurred in Red Bank, and I was a speaker at the March for Our Lives rally in Red Bank back in March.
If you are running to fill an unexpired term, why did you opt to run to fill in for a short time rather than full term? Local politics can prove to be more overwhelming than anticipated. If you are running for a full term, elected and find the job isn’t what you expected, is it your intention to complete your term, regardless?
I have been attending meetings for years and have seen what it is like to be able to represent the council. I plan on completing my full three-year term if I am lucky enough to get elected.
What do you do for a living, for how long and how do you think your professional career/skills will make you an asset as a public servant?
I work as an editor/Consumer Projects Manager at Custom Video Productions in Middletown and am a writer/director for my own shorts and feature films. I have learned a lot about leadership and how to work as a team on projects for the better good of the team.
If this is your first go at public office, what prompted you to run? 
I am running because I want to give back to the community. This town has given me so much; I just feel it is right for me to give back.
Which U.S. president is your political role model? Why, specifically?
 JFK is my presidential role model.  I feel we always should give back and he always promoted that.
What is your favorite charitable organization? Why?
My favorite charitable organization would have to be Deborah Heart and Lung Center, which my family has supported for many years. My grandfather has baked breads for certain holidays and has donated the proceeds to the Deborah Hospital. 
Which local or regional official/representative (municipal governing body member, senator, assemblyman, congressman) do you admire most? Why?
Councilman Christopher Rodriguez is someone I look up to locally. He saw the potential in me and then asked me to consider running for council. 
Fair Haven Borough Council members are completely uncompensated volunteers. There is no pay involved. It is also a very time-consuming job that requires transparency and accessibility to the public.
What benefit is there for you, specifically, besides the obvious, in serving the town in which you live? 
I bring in a fresh perspective to the council. I have just gone through the local schools, I have been a part of the rec teams and have volunteered at Fair Haven Day and OktoberFest. I would be proud to be a volunteer councilman in this town. 
What are your key platform issues? Why did you choose these issues as focal points?  
The key issues are high taxes, the fear of a changing landscape through the over-development of properties, and the desire to have more communication between the government and its citizens. These topics were chosen through the conversations I have been having for the last few months with voters in this town.

How do you plan to address these issues? Please be specific.

Taxes are a major issue: I plan to make sure that we spend taxpayers’ money efficiently.  Overdevelopment is also a major issue, and I would like to work with the planning board to make sure that  homeowners have control over their homes a little more, while builders respect the look and feel of Fair Haven.
Finally, having more communication between the government and the people in Fair Haven is something that I want to combat by helping the council air meetings, among other things. Better communication with the town’s residents must be a top priority.