Rumson-Fair Haven Mischief Night & Halloween Rules to Trick & Treat By

It’s a bit of a tricky Mischief Night tonight in the Rumson-Fair Haven area. And, tomorrow’s Halloween promises to be a sweet treat for all, as long as the rules are followed, police have cautioned.

The neighbor boroughs have aligned precautions to follow for a safe, fun couple of evenings of the season. In fact, Fair Haven officials recently re-crafted their ordinance to more closely match Rumson’s.

So, here’s the gist, from Rumson police …

“Rumson PD will be out with extra patrols on Mischief Night and Halloween.

“The curfew on October 30th is 6 p.m. for anyone under 18 not accompanied by an adult, or at a public function. Halloween night the curfew is 8 p.m.

“We want to share a few tips with our residents:

1. Make sure kids wear bright or reflective tape on costumes, or carry a flashlight or light sticks. (Our officers will hand out light sticks as they patrol).
2. Tell kids to look both ways before crossing and try to do it only at corners or crosswalks.
3. Have a parent or responsible adult with younger children at all times.
4. If you are driving be sure to drive EXTRA slow and monitor leaf piles and other areas where kids may be.
5. Ask children not to eat any treats before they are inspected by an adult!”

Have a spooktacular time and stay safe!