Retro RFHers’ Beach Dramatics

RFHers Jenifer Weber and Eric Carpenter do their own beach dance in the 1980s
Photo/courtesy of Jenifer Weber-Zeller

By nature, there are a lot of very theatrical things about a fun fall day at the beach with a buddy, especially when you’re an RFH student and theatrical sort.

This couple of RFHers embodied that motif. We’re not sure exactly what they were up to, but we know that Jenifer Weber and Eric Carpenter had a flair for drama, kinship and plain fun back in the early 80s.

So, we pay homage to the fall romp on the beach with a buddy, theatrical flair or not, with a look back at these two, courtesy of Jenifer Weber-Zeller.

Know what they were truly up to? Was a song and/or dance involved? And where, exactly, were they? What’s your idea of fun on a fall beach day in those RFH teen years?

— Thanks to Jenifer for this beach buddy dance into the past!