Retro Deane-Porter Class Pic Days with a Favorite Teacher

With the advent of class picture time in the Rumson-Fair Haven area schools, memories come to mind of favorite teachers striking that pose with students through the years.

There was always a favorite teacher, especially in the elementary school years. Some teachers were around for decades’ worth of class photos and the memories that came with those school days.

Recently, students of longtime Rumson Deane-Porter Elementary School teacher Eileen Sagurton Borden (formerly Frenchick) mourned the loss of the near four-decade second grade teacher.

Borden’s 1989-90 second grade class picture was shared on Facebook. By all accounts, she was a favorite teacher for many.

This class was all smiles, except the kid with the lopsided smirk — or was that an elementary attempt at a wink?

And it looks like the style of the year was basic stripes, polo shirts, and sweaters. How about the hair? Did the photographer still have that box full of plastic disposable combs to help coif the kids for their close-ups? Or was that a 70s era bomb of an idea?

Recognize anyone? Did you have Mrs. Borden? What was your favorite thing about her?

RIP, Eileen Sagurton Borden. You are remembered.