Outtake: Retro Cheer for a Class of ’78 40th Reunion

“Hey, purple! Hey, white! You look so good to me! Hey, hey, hey, hey …”

Well, the time is drawing nearer for classmates and clowns alike from the RFH Class of ’78 to be reunited at their 40th (ouch) reunion.

The class was known as a particularly friendly, fun bunch. Studious, too. Hmmmm …

And when they were not studying and doing noble things with their teen years, these RFHers of the prime time 70s were up to some good ol’ fun with a whopping healthy side of prank.

So, the triple-dose Retro Pic of the (George) Day offers a candid glimpse into the making of a few of these mad men and makers of mayhem in outtakes.

They were almost poised and ready for their yearbook close-ups on a day when they decided to offer some “cheer” to the powder puff football team.

As you can see, it took a few tries to get them all together on that perfect strike-a-pose moment. Take a look at these never before seen shots back in time … Take 3 aaaaaand action!

Hey, we’re wondering if these guys can give us a reprise cheer for the get-together on Aug. 18. Stand by, local first aiders!

Many thanks, once again, to the fabulous George Day for this priceless look back!