Fair Haven Policeman Injured: GoFundMe Set

He is known as one of Fair Haven’s finest. He’s a borough police officer. He’s a native Fair Havenite. He’s a husband. He’s a dad. He’s a neighbor. He’s also known as one of the best friends a community could have. He’s Fair Haven Police Patrolman Dwayne Reevey and he needs some help from the community in which he was raised and has served for some time now.

Reevey broke his neck on the 4th of July while swimming in the ocean.

“He heroically and miraculously walked himself out of the ocean to safety before being rushed to the hospital, where he still remains,” the narrative on a GoFundMe page set up for Reevey said.

Messages of support and love flooded the page within minutes and a goal of $15,000 has almost been met within a few hours. The Fair Haven PBA, family, friends and former neighbors of Reevey’s have shared the GoFundMe page hundreds of times as have Facebook friends as a testament to the sentiment that “Dwayne brings out the best in everyone around him and has done so much for the people of our community,” the page narrative said.

Reevey, according to the narrative, has been fitted with a halo, and the prognosis is positive, but he will require months of rehabilitation and bed rest.

The support, friends and colleagues say, is phenomenal and well-deserved, for this well-liked officer and forever friend to Fair Haven.

The Reeveys, many have said, are an integral piece of the fabric of the community. “No one is more deserving than the Reeveys,” the GoFundMe narrative concludes.

And statistics say it all. As of 3:50 p.m. on Friday, $13,930 of the $15,000 goal had been raised. The community has spoken loudly and clearly. It says that Reevey has an awful lot of support and love from the community in which he was raised and serves.

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** UPDATE: As of Saturday morning, nearly $50,000 was raised on GoFundMe.**