Prosecutor: Monmouth Man Indicted on Attempted Aggravated Sexual Assault & Attempted Robbery Charges

A Monmouth County man has been named in a 13-count indictment handed up by a Monmouth County grand jury charging him with the attempted armed robbery and sexual assault of several women, Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni said on Friday.

The charges against Tristan Reyes, 19, of Howell Township, stem from three incidents in February and March of 2018. During those incidents, Reyes allegedly observed three separate women shopping in local stores and drove behind them, following them to their homes.

Subsequent police investigation revealed that Reyes allegedly planned on robbing and sexually assaulting two of the women while armed with a knife, but that his efforts were thwarted.

Reyes has been charged with: two counts of first-degree attempted armed robbery, four counts of first-degree attempted aggravated sexual assault, two counts of second-degree attempted burglary, two counts of third-degree possession of a weapon (knife) for an unlawful purpose, two counts of fourth-degree unlawful possession of a weapon (knife), and one count of third-degree attempted burglary.

If convicted of attempted robbery, Reyes faces a sentence of up to 20 years in a New Jersey state prison on each count.

If convicted of attempted aggravated sexual assault, he faces up to 20 years New Jersey state prison on each count. If convicted of attempted burglary, he faces up to 20 years New Jersey state prison on each count.

All charges are subject to the provisions of the “No Early Release Act” (NERA) requiring him to serve 85 percent of the sentence imposed before becoming eligible for release on parole. He would also be under parole supervision for five years following his release from state prison.

If convicted of possession of weapon for an unlawful purpose, he faces a sentence of three to five years in prison.  If convicted of unlawful possession of a weapon, Reyes faces 18 months in state prison.

Reyes remains incarcerated in the Monmouth County Correctional Institution since his arrest on March 9.