Up & Away with Maddy’s Love, a Mother’s Mission

She said she wanted to read something in tribute to her little girl on what would have been her 20th birthday. She said she was sure it would make her cry. Then something happened.

As Rumson mom  Dawn Tilton Massabni stood on her daughter Maddy’s favorite beach in Sea Bright, without a single stammer, with unwavering strength and intrepid, tearless love, she read words that paid homage to her daughter, the RFH Class of 2016 grad known for her bright smile and embodiment of love and light.

Friends and family stood before Dawn and her son, Maddy’s brother and best friend, Georgie, as they waited for the exact moment of her birth — 12:53 p.m.. That was the signal, the time to celebrate “the moment she came into this world,” Dawn said.

It was a special moment to say “Happy Birthday,” thank her for her time on this Earth and vow to her spirit that awareness of the toxic shock syndrome that killed her at 19, nearly a year before, would be spread.

With the strike of 12:53, balloons with special messages of love and a promise of healing were sent, theoretically, to Maddy in heaven.

A mother’s mission has begun … Maddy will be remembered. The promise will be fulfilled. Somewhere a life will be saved from toxic shock. At some time, many lives will be saved. Maddy will live on.

Take a look at the photo gallery below for a glimpse into the moments of Maddy’s day in Sea Bright … (And don’t forget to click to enlarge.)

**The release was nationwide. Share your photos with us and we will gladly post them.**

— Elaine Van Develde