Focus: Rumson Stormy Weather

The nor’easter has hit the Rumson-Fair Haven area; and the tide is high and hitting the streets.

 This morning, Rumsonite Jenifer Weber-Zeller’s usual trek down by the river at the Rumson Municipal Boat Launch was met by a bit of a flood, so she grabbed some shots of the area this morning.
Wind is expected to pick up, gusts culminating at a possible 60 mph tonight and another high tide coming in at 9:30 p.m. Hazardous weather conditions have been posted and flood warnings are in effect.
According to the National Weather Service, the sun will peer a bit on    Saturday with temperatures reaching a high of 47 degrees and continued wind gusts up to 40 mph.
Stay warm, dry and safe, all! Rumson officials ask that if there are any outages, you call report them directly to JCP&L at 1-888-544-4877 “and do not call The Rumson Police Department to report outages.”