Retro RFH Football Field Joy Ride

A retro Sunday drive of sorts on the RFH football field circa 1977
Photo/George Day

Sometimes there’s just more to tackle on the football field than one another and a ball. And sometimes the goal is to fumble and ride with something besides the game — like an old car, RFH friends and a little cruising to play the field in a different way.

This crew of RFH renegades may have been game watchers; but, they were a bit more interested in that ride and whatever antics they had up their winter coat sleeves. It warms the soul to know that a lot of these guys still stick together for an occasional prank or party.

Take a guess at what they were up to, who was going along for the ride and where, besides the field, they were headed.

Recognize these guys of the 1970s? Who’s holding that pom-pom? What kind of car is this? Know that driver?