Supreme Retro RFH Show

RFH Freshmen Follies ’74 and the Diana Ross and The Supremes act.
Photo/George Day

It’s show time tonight at RFH.

Fall is the time of the year that the stage is set for the first theatrical production of the school year.

This year at RFH, that production is Sherlock Holmes. 

But, back in 1974, something else was a stage happening besides the Tower Players’ show. It was a more, let’s say, talent diverse stage extravaganza involving anyone in the freshman class in one or a few group and/or solo acts. It was the RFH Freshmen Follies.

The Follies featured quite a variety of performances. And, as variety shows usually go, there was a lot of imitation going on. In a few of the acts, that form of flattery of the famous crossed gender lines in a, let’s say, challenging way.

One of those acts was that of the guys getting all dolled up as Diana Ross and the Supremes. Though, it was more like Kevin Reed and the Not-So-Supremely Dressed.

So, you guessed it. The Retro Pic(s) of the (George) Day is a double dose of this crew of Calvin Williams, Joey Jones and Jerry Brooks as the, well, whatever they were, and Kevin looking rather svelte and sparkly.

Jerry gets points for donning that wig that looked like it was terminally destined to take a tumble off his head while he was crooning. And, uh, the rest of those outfits look like sort of a cross between house coats, a disco ball and a little island style. And Joey’s hairband? How about Diana’s floppy hat? Wait. Floppy hat?

Hey, they sang, or lip synced, their hearts out, bless them — their songstress hearts, that is. Really. And, the fun was what mattered. And, boy, or girl, did they have some SUPREME fun!

Here’s to a great time on stage at RFH. Now, exit stage left, gracefully, and … Wardrobe, please!

Anyone remember what they sang?

Thanks, yet again, to George Day for these classic moments on film!

— Elaine Van Develde