Retro RFH Football Halftime

Football season is in full swing at RFH. And in every football game there’s a halftime, replete with some performances.

Back in the day, or at least more than a couple of decades ago, part of the halftime production included, as it does now, the marching band, cheerleaders and color guard. Nowadays, there’s an RFH Dance Team that performs

While the color guard of present day includes the twirling of colored flags, batons and rifles, it is a performance component of the RFH Marching Band. In the past what the color guard does now with a few students was done in at least two different teams. The twirling and routines of the rifle bearers during halftime was done by the RFH Drill Team, specifically. The team was rather large. Twirling of batons and colored flags fell separately under the umbrella of the RFH Twirl Team. There was no dance, only cheerleaders, who did gymnastic-type routines to accompany the cheers, no dance.

So, the Retro Pic(s) of the Day offer a glimpse back to the late 1970s with a look at halftime, the RFH Drill Team and Twirl Team. Oh, and there’s some Color Guard in there, too.

Anyone remember which teacher led the girls on the Drill Team? How about twirling? Who remembers a good cheer?