Retro Rumson Class Picture Time

It’s around that time of the school year when kids strike a usually awkward, but priceless pose for class pictures.

Never mind the individual photos for which special outfits are chosen and hair and make-up (to hide a blemish) always seem to end up askew, not to mention those timely toothless smiles. Oh, and remember that big box full of plastic combs that you got to redo your hairdo for that close-up? They weren’t much of a help. In fact, the photographers usually tried very hard to help out with the result being a miserable child with a bad hair day immortalized.

Hey, there were great pics with those fabulous models, but pretty much everyone remembers that one bad year for school pictures — or more. The individual shots came first, of course.

Then it was time to get a bunch of antsy kids to sit still for a class photo. Of course, the result was usually classic, with some very obedient cheese-sayers and some … not so much. There was always one or a few in every class.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day honors the classic class photo of decades ago with a look at an early 1970s Deane-Porter students and teacher. (Who’s that lady?)

In this class shot, there are a lot of bangs and squinters, a couple of drifters (pay attention!) and a couple of buddies looking like they’re trying to plot a prank or two.

Remember what it was like? Your favorite class picture? Teacher? Recognize anyone? Smile and say, “limburger!”