Retro Remembrance: Rumson Jersey Girl Kit Rowett

She might have hated all this attention. Then again, maybe not. It’s a pretty sure bet that it would have at least cracked a smile on her face, perhaps followed by an eye roll and a wise crack. Sister Chris told me that during the end of her battle with cancer, Kit Rowett (White) was enjoying reconnecting with friends on Facebook and remembering good times with old friends and family.

True story. It’s ironic, or not, that she reached out to me only a few weeks before her death via a comment she had left on a photo of RFH friends, one of whom had passed a few years ago. So, I’m thinking that her being the Retro Pic of the Day is fitting. She was looking back on good times, enjoying the reminiscing and cherishing her past here. So, now, yes, it’s time for us look back on some good times with her and remember.

One thing’s for sure: the longtime Rumson girl who grew up in the West Park section and graduated from RFH in the Class of 1979 is missed by many. If it wasn’t evident enough in the flood of posts on social media when she passed away on Sept. 19, then it certainly was when her family and friends from far and near came together to celebrate her life at Donovan’s Reef on Saturday. She loved good times with good friends … and, of course, her sisters and brother, her husband, her kids and nieces and nephews.

So, give a yesteryear smile and remember some old times with Kit in this slideshow, photos courtesy of the myriad Facebook posts when she passed. (And don’t forget to click on the lower right icon to enlarge!)

Rest in Peace, Kit. Or raise a ruckus! Your energy lives on. And, say hi to “Bets” and Billy for me.