Retro RFH Reunion Bridge Alert

A bridge RFH reunion invite
Photo/Doug Borden

Here we go again … The RFH Class of ’78 is gearing up for its 40th reunion on Aug. 8, 2018 (yes, that’s 8/8/18). There’s a major planning process that has begun, thanks to a fearless crew of volunteers, and lots of meetings and social media notifications, texts, cell phone calls … you name it. Yes, name it. Try. There are all sorts of modes of communication in effect, except one very important one — the bridge!

There was a time when communication was limited to landline phones, snail mail and, well, there was nothing better than getting the word out by just reverting to old school days and painting the bridge.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day honors that tradition and the RFH reunion with a look back, courtesy of RFHer Doug Borden, at the very unique, yet status quo RFH invite (OK, paper invites went out, too) to the very first, the 10th, reunion for the Class of ’78.

The trouble is that when Doug initially asked classmates which reunion this was for, not too many answers popped up on social media right away. Hmmmmm.

So, here’s to memories of the bridge and which stinking reunion this was! It was the 10th, in case you missed that blatant clue. Hey, that was 30 years ago. Yikes. Here’s to doing some math that can cause one to conveniently not add it all up! Anyone?

In keeping with the spirit of the RFH reunion, tell us which was your favorite and where it was held. Remember?

One thought on “Retro RFH Reunion Bridge Alert”

  1. Best reunion for class of ’82 was the last one we had, which was combined with class of ’81. Theirs had been canceled the year before due to weather, and I think our own was canceled that very day at Navesink Country Club because they had lost power due to a storm, but ours got moved to Fair Haven’s Knights of Columbus Hall.

    It went from a reunion to an all out rollicking blow out, and A relaxed, fun time was had by all in our Hawaiian shirts.

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