Retro Fair Haven Halloween Parading

It’s a longstanding tradition — the Fair Haven Halloween Parade.

I remember it well — from my first parade trek back in the late 1960s to the ’70s, 80s, 90s and now.

It all started at age 7 with a wish to be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. That little dress-up fantasy was foiled when my mother couldn’t get the gingham outfit together, my pigtails were not so poised for the silver screen look and my sister refused to crawl down Hance Road as Toto. I guess it was bad enough that from the age of 3, she was forced by this pint-sized dominatrix 5-year-old Dorothy to crawl on a makeshift Funk and Wagnall’s encyclopedia Yellow Brick Road to Oz in the living room.

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Retro RFH Haunting

An RFH Halloween ghostly gaggle of the 1970s
Photo/George Day

Sometimes it’s not just the spirit of the season. Sometimes we are haunted by good memories. The year was 1977. It was an RFH Halloween.

Seniors of the Class of ’78 were geared up for some ghostly fun. They gathered in the Senior Commons and paraded around, and, yes, out of the confines of the RFH campus.

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Focus: Falling for a Riverfront Fall

Crisp air, bright sun and reflections of riverfront life are all it takes to fall for the Rumson-Fair Haven area in autumn.

The scene just doesn’t get any more comforting. It seems to always reach out and embrace the local soul. And it never gets old.

Get a glimpse. Take it in.

— Elaine Van Develde

Retro RFH Football Classic: Caseys vs. Bulldogs

If some old RFHers had a winning turkey wishbone to yank on, they may have a revisiting the past wish. Back in the day … The RFH football season used to peak with what then was the classic rivalry homecoming/Thanksgiving Day game between Red Bank Catholic and RFH.

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Retro RFH Football Times & Uniforms

Yes, football season has kicked into high gear at RFH, so let’s take a moment to tackle this handsome team of players of an unknown year as well as the issue of name and uniform style.

Is it all in a name or uniform? Certainly not. It’s all about the game and how it’s played, of course. But, there are some quirks worth taking the ball and running with for a bit. No harm, no fumble. Just fun.

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Retro RFH Partying Peeps

The parting of the clouds to make way for some fabulous fall weather has set the scene for some good ol’ partying with friends. And, back in the day, the same kind of scene was well set for those RFH cool kids.

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R-FH Area Weekend: HarvestFest, Car Show, Food Truck Frenzy

Well, the weekend in the Rumson-Fair Haven area promises to be a sunny, crisp fall one. So, what better time to get outside and let the sun shine on some area fun?

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Area DWI Checkpoint Slated for Saturday

A DWI checkpoint is set to run from Saturday night through early Sunday morning in Shrewsbury, the Monmouth County DWI Task Force announced.

The checkpoint, which will be set up in the Shrewsbury Plaza parking lot at Route 35 (Broad Street) and Shrewsbury Avenue, will run from 9 p.m. on Saturday through 2 a.m. on Sunday.

Vehicles will be pulled into the plaza lot from southbound lanes and drivers will be checked to determine whether or not they are under the influence of alcohol and/or any controlled dangerous substances and impaired, Task Force Coordinator and Brielle Police Chief Michael Palmer said.

The checkpoint is a coordinated effort between task force members and Shrewsbury police.