Fair Haven Police Warn of Phone Scam

From Fair Haven police … 

On 05/12 a resident received a phone call from an unknown actor identifying himself as a Fair Haven police officer.

The actor utilizing computer software was able to place the call having a Fair Haven Police telephone line 732-747-0992 show on the caller’s ID.

The actor threatened immediate arrest for an unpaid warrant, specifically requested credit card info for payment over the phone.

*** The Police Department would only send notification (of a warrant) via the mail and doesn’t accept payment via phone.***


Retro RFH Joy Rides

With the thaw of the cranky and closed-in mindset imposed by a heavy dose of spring fever, people tend to get in the mood for a little carefree joy ride to let their hair down, or at least mess it up a bit.

So, the Retro Pics of the (George) Day are dedicated to the good old days of hitting that spring fever pitch with a good ol’ ride in a classic kind of ride, be it a dirt bike, a classic car or a go cart.

In the featured pic, these guys of the 1970s are hanging outside by what was the Junior Lounge at the high school and they’re looking a little restless.

While we’re not certain, it certainly seems like they are a little antsy and looking to break out of the confines of the school, shed their coats and any inhibitions they actually have left and do the “happy days are here again” dance … or ride … ride into some spring fever-like antics.

The other dude and team of monsters are cruising for something. What? No one is exactly sure.

RFH 1978 yearbook photography editor George Day in his yearbook profile shot.
Photo/RFH yearbook screenshot

George Day, the RFH yearbook photographer of the time is taking a spin in a go cart.

Riding with the wind — or something — at RFH in the 1970s
Photo/George Day

And whoever those ghouls are … Well, they’re not getting far on that dirt bike in the sunken floor of the RFH Senior Commons.

Know who the monsters are? How about that car in the featured pic? Whose is it? And what are these guys really up to? Anyone know what the most popular car or bike was in the 1970s?

Baby, they were born to ride at RFH — or something like that.

— Elaine Van Develde

Oh, and thanks, once again, to the fabulous George Day for this photographic gem!

A Fair Haven Officer’s Police Unity Tour Trek

“Are we there yet?” That’s what Fair Haven Police Cpl. John Waltz was likely chanting on Friday as he feverishly rode his bike on the last, probably sore, leg of his journey in the Police Unity Tour. Destination: the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, D.C.

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