Retro RFH Polar Bear Dudes

RFH Polar Bear Club after a plunge. Photo/RFH Yearbook screenshot
RFH Polar Bear Club after a plunge.
Photo/RFH Yearbook screenshot

With the announcement of Rumson Police Chief Scott Paterson’s successful fundraising ($17,030 for Special Olympics New Jersey) culminating in the Polar Bear Plunge in Seaside Heights on Saturday, it seemed only right that we take you back to polar bear plunging guys of RFH back in the day — way back.

These guys actually had a high school club dedicated to the cause of, well, just plunging into icy cold water on a whim or for a thrill in the 1970s.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day is dedicated to the winter chill, the plunge and the guys who made it a club.

Do you remember the RFH Polar Bear Club? Know any of these cold weather beachgoers? Was the club solely dedicated to the dive into icy water?

— Elaine Van Develde

Focus: Shipping Out at Sunrise in Sea Bright

You never know when your ship will come in, when you’ll catch a perfect view of a Sea Bright sunrise or both.

Well, Rumsonite and RFH Class of ’78 grad Doug Borden got a good dose of both this morning.

Headed over the Rumson/Sea Bright Bridge toward Sea Bright beach, he got a good glimpse of a glorious sunrise and, yes, a ship passing (or coming in for him, if you will).

Take a look at this longtime Rumson-Fair Haven area guy’s moment of sunrise gratitude …

Thanks Doug! Happy Monday, all!

Photos/Doug Borden