Retro RFH Class of 2006: Knollwood, Frosh & Junior Moments

More than a decade ago, the classmates in the RFH Class of 2006 were the newbies in the hallowed halls — freshmen. Then sophomores. Then juniors … and seniors, graduates and, well, for the past decade,  alumnus.

There was a 10-year reunion on Saturday at which these old friends, some who have been buds since kindergarten, got a chance to reminisce about the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly times in their journeys together.

There were those birthday parties with the entire class, cupcakes and messy little mugs. There were those kid sleepovers where there wasn’t much sleep and a lot of pranking. There were field days, class trips, Halloweens, parades, Stokes, proms, summers at the beach, the river, games and graduation and partying. And there were those little things … like shortcut walks to school replete with a trip and fall into the creek or hangin’ a loose with Silvio at Umberto’s after school.

That was then. And now … Well, now those “kids” on their way to their third decade in life, with one solid in adulthood.

They’re hitting 30 soon and making their parents feel pretty old.

So, out of respect for the elders and honoring memories, the Retro Pic(s) of the Day features some of the youngsters of the Class of 2006 with: a peek back to eighth grade and the Knollwood Class of 2002; a glimpse at some freshmen fun hanging out with buds; and a little junior year rewind to a trek into the NYC with a few friends at Christmas time.

Take a look back and recall the days of old with the Class of 2006. Recognize any of these kids?


Reunited: RFH Class of 2006

Photo/Elise Casey, Facebook post
Photo/Elise Casey, Facebook post

And, reportedly, a good time was had by all.

Judging by the looks on their faces in the photos and some comments tossed around on Facebook, the grads of the RFH Class of 2006 had fun times reuniting at their 10th reunion on Saturday at Nauvoo Grill Club in Fair Haven … and assorted other places thereafter.

“Our RFH 10 year reunion was a huge success! Such a great time last night,” said classmate Kevin Wong in a post with the above featured photo. “Thank you to everyone that came out!”

Recognize anyone? Your favorite Class of 2006 memory? Tell us about it for our special Class of 2006 Retro Pic(s) of the Day feature for later.

Cheers to the RFH Class of 2006!


Police Report: Theft, Criminal Mischief

The following recent criminal incidents were reported by Red Bank police:

• The theft of several items from a home on Oakland Street was reported on Nov. 21. The victim reported there was no forced entry into the residence. The items missing are: a flannel shirt, a pillow, a pair of sweat pants, black P.F. Fliers shoes and two MVMT watches valued at $130 and $100.

Lt. Robert Clayton too, the report.

Continue reading Police Report: Theft, Criminal Mischief

A Glimpse Back at Sickles School’s Book Fair

Call it a well-read event.

Fair Haven’s Viola L. Sickles School officials are claiming major success with the annual PTA Book Fair.

Featuring various genres and titles from Scholastic Publishing, the Book Fair was held from Nov. 14 to 18. Family Night at the fair allows parents and siblings take part. It was held on the evening of Nov. 15 and was dubbed a “door-buster” success.

Many students and families took the opportunity to buy books for use in the classroom as well, using the teachers’ wish lists as a guideline.

This year’s Book Fair at Sickles School was organized by PTA Book Fair Committee members Jen Baron, Vicky Hays, Heather Lombardo, Kerry Maguire, and Sheilah Olson.

The Knollwood School Book Fair is set for April.

— Edited press release from the Fair Haven School District

Retro Reindeer Games

Reindeer games with the girls and a guy at Fair Haven's tree lighting 2015 Photo/Elaine Van Develde
Reindeer games with the girls and a guy at Fair Haven’s tree lighting 2015
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

With Black Friday comes the start of not only the holiday shopping season, but festivities galore.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day offers one cute glimpse back just about one year ago this time to some young ones playing reindeer games of their own sort at the Fair Haven tree lighting.

This little gaggle of giddy girls, and a guy, was quite wide-eyed and waiting to take in some seasonal magic.

The truth is that the magic was all in their eyes.

Recognize these little reindeer?

Getting Set for Small Biz Saturday in Fair Haven

It’s less than 24 hours ’til Small Business Saturday; and Fair Haven’s businesses are set for the event.

The following businesses will participate, offering sales, special deals and some socializing in the downtown district of the borough:

Fair Haven Hardware
Veranda Giftshop
Gem Of An Idea
River Road Books
Canyon Pass Provisions
Lotus Way
By George Baby
Coastal Decor & Interior Design
Boxwood Gardens Florist & Gifts
A Chic with Stix
Moon Child Boutique
Sadie James Boutique
Zakiaz Whimsical Shoppe & Design
The Pilates Project
The China Closet

See you there!

A Retro Happy Thanksgiving from the Kids’ Table

Thanksgiving at the kids' table in the 1960s with Kate and Ben Hamilton Photo/Hamilton family
Thanksgiving at the kids’ table in the 1960s with Kate and Ben Hamilton
Photo/Hamilton family

It’s Thanksgiving, and, yes, it’s all about giving thanks.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day is an ode to just that.

It’s a snapshot back in time to the 1960s with a sibling duo from Fair Haven — Ben and Kate Hamilton. Ben passed away this time last year and Kate posted this picture on Facebook giving thanks for him. RIP, Ben.

The photo brings back memories of the era the kids’ holiday table. Remember that one?

Some of the best of times were to be had at that special little table meant for only the antics of little siblings, cousins and friends. And, yes, it kept the kids preoccupied with one another, pranking, spilling, laughing, crying, and everything else that the adults wanted to fend off in hopes of a pleasant and somewhat proper dining experience.

A lot went on at that kids’ table. For one, it looks like Kate and Ben did quite a job on that bird and perhaps had a couple of pranks cooking.

This editor’s kids’ table antics went awry when the cousins cooked up a roast of a scheme “just for fun” to play hide-n-seek later and toss the youngest in the dryer. No adult was the wiser and we thought it was a grand and harmless idea, not to mention that it would be loads of fun for the kid to take a literal tumble.

Yes, he lived, but after the thumping that sent the adults to the basement to investigate, we almost didn’t.

So, in the spirit of the ol’ kids’ table and giving thanks for those times, Happy Thanksgiving R-FH area friends!

Oh, the photo below is us at our best kids’ table behavior before the fun times took a unbeknownst bad prank turn.

Retro Thanksgiving Shopping

Oh, it’s that time — when people are squawking over Thanksgiving deals on their meals.

So, the Retro Pic(s) of the Day take us back to one supermarket of the past, another old standard, and turkey dinner deals of the 1960s or 70s? You guess what year these Red Bank Register ads are from.

Remember Finast? Remember where it was? Well, the store’s turkey day sale involved the bird at 49 cents a pound or a beef roast for 98.

What year was that?

And how about this Foodtown ad? The offer there was the same for the Thanksgiving bird — 49 cents per pound. Though the Foodtown roast was $1.09. And how about those nuts at 39 cents? If only nowadays. Bacon, too. When was the last time you saw bacon sold for 69 cents per 1lb package?

A long time ago, that’s when. And these are prices definitely worth gobbling up.

But what year do you think these ads ran? Tell us. And how much did you pay per pound for your turkey this year?