Skating into the Past at Schwenker’s Pond

There’s been a lot of talk about Schwenker’s Pond lately. So, in honor of that, we’re resurrecting this Retro Pic of the Day from December of 2014. Do you remember your first skating day on the pond?

Rumson and Fair Haven folks, it’s cold outside again! But it’s only cold enough when the pond freezes over.

And, while it’s not quite cold enough to skate yet, we figured the Retro Pic of the Day would take you back to a day in probably 1970 when the call was made to see if the ice was safe enough to skate on and it was.

This day, we opted to skate on Schwenker’s Pond in Fair Haven. Dad came along with his Brownie camera, capturing that chilly and somewhat terrifying moment.

This editor was never a very accomplished athlete, much less coordinated. There were lots of bumps and bruises at the end of that excursion.

Send us your Rumson and/or Fair Haven skating pics of the past at and we will post them.

Quaking in Rumson & Fair Haven?

Reports of tremors felt in southern and western New Jersey flooded social media at about 1:30 p.m.

Now, at about 3:30, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has reported on Twitter that the rumblings felt were likely not an earthquake but a sonic boom. Why was it felt at different times and, in some spots, multiple times? “A sonic boom travels through the air w/ the airplane so it arrives at different ground locations at different times,” USGS reported.

This editor felt it in Fair Haven while on the phone with a news contact for another story. It wasn’t major, but enough to startle and make the house rumble for a few seconds. It only happened once here.

Seconds later, while the news contact from a mile or two away in the same area did not feel the same quake, people started bombarding social media with reports of tremors. Most reported were felt in western Monmouth County and Ocean County and farther south.

No one else from the immediate area has said they felt any sort of tremor. Since, though, NJ State Police, on their Facebook page, has asked people to let them know where and when tremors were felt throughout the state.

Here’s their post:

“Have you felt the tremors?
We are hearing reports of tremors here in Jersey. For the record, we have not reported any seismic blasts anywhere in the State.
If you’ve felt the tremors today, let us know in the comments where and when. We’re working to confirm.”

While USGS has stood by the sonic boom theory, other sources have disagreed and the state police are still asking people to report any tremors from the afternoon.

Did you feel it?


Retro Birthday Remembrance of Ben Hamilton

By Elaine Van Develde

They personified RFH cool. They were the sibling team of Ben and Kate Hamilton.

That team was separated with the untimely death of Ben, a gentle, sunny embrace of community spirit and friendship for many, on Nov. 21, 2015.

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How Rumson Weathered the Storm

Rumson officials called it one of the worst storms to weather in three decades in the borough.

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Former Fair Haven Police Chief, 65-Year Fireman George Chandler Dies

George Chandler Photo/courtesy of John E. Day Funeral Home
George Chandler
Photo/courtesy of John E. Day Funeral Home

The marquee on the Fair Haven firehouse is once again a sign of sad news. Another Fair Haven community pillar has passed — former Police Chief and 65-year fire company member, George Chandler.

His death comes just about a year after that of his brother Chum.

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Focus: First Snowfall of the R-FH Area

The first snowfall of the Rumson-Fair Haven area was actually a blizzard. The Blizzard of 2016, to be exact.

At least that’s what the weather authorities tell us. With accumulations ending up blustering and drifting into a couple of feet at least, the blizzard was, all told, weathered well in the area.

After a sunny Sunday that ushered in a bit of melting, the National Weather Service is calling for more sun with temperatures hitting a high of 36 degrees and a northwest wind of about 7 miles per hour.

The weather folks are cautioning that melting snow will lead to the usual flooding in low-lying areas of Rumson and Sea Bright and when temperatures fall at night, there will be ice.

Be careful. Oh, and take a look at our above Facebook collection of R-FH area snow scenes. Thanks to all R-FH Retro Facebook friends for the pics! 

— Elaine Van Develde