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Prosecutor: 29-Year-Old Arrested on Luring, Child Endangerment & Obscenity Charges

A 29-year-old Monmouth County man has been arrested on charges in connection with luring and endangering the welfare of a child, Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni said on Tuesday.

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Retro Fair Haven Graduating

Fair Haven eighth grade graduation from Willow Street School (Sickles) circa 1946 Photo/courtesy of Jane Croft

Well, all the graduates in the Rumson-Fair Haven area have officially walked that walk.

One of those walks was the one of tradition in which Fair Haven eighth grade graduation tradition of grads take a walk back in time down Third Street from Knollwood School, where it all ended, to Viola L. Sickles School, where their Fair Haven schooling all began.

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In Memorium: Longtime Fair Havenite, Sea Bright Resident, Maryana Robertson

An obituary isn’t long enough to relay all of the cool things a person got to accomplish in their lifetime. My mom got to travel all over the world … Had homes in California, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Dragged her four girls all over the country and Canada (sometimes kicking and screaming, because we didn’t know we were gonna do and see something cool). One time she asked us if we wanted to go see Chicago? We started moaning, so she went by herself. Turns out that she meant THE BAND CHICAGO! Which I loved … I had to listen from out side the stadium … but I learned to pay attention when plans where being made … Rest in Peace Mom!

Suzanne Robertson Tranfaglia ~ Remembering Mom Maryana

Longtime Fair Haven and Sea Bright resident Maryana Sheahan Robertson passed away on June 11 after a long illness. She was 80.

Maryana Robertson in the 1960s
Photo/courtesy of the Robertson family

Known as a spirited adventurer and traveler with a passion for cultural immersion, Maryana was born in Cambridge MA. She graduated from Hopkinton High School there, where she played on the girls basketball team and was in glee club, in 1956. She then met her late husband James Robertson and they moved to Fair Haven and raised four daughters there. The Robertson couple lived in Fair Haven until 2000. Maryana then lived in Sea Bright until 2019.

To the Stokes trip students of the 1970s era, the Robertson parents may be remembered as the birding couple, leading kids through the woods with binoculars and teaching them about various species, their sounds and distinguishing characteristics.

At home, James was president of the Mommouth Wine Society and for years the two hosted wine tastings at their Fair Haven home. “They loved being close enough to NYC to go into the city every chance they could for dinner and a play or musical,” daughter Suzanne Robertson Tranfaglia said.

Maryana had a nursing degree from Brookdale Community College. In addition to her zest for adventure, travel and cultural immersion, she was known as a passionate animal lover who rescued many cats, dogs and even a duck. She loved spending home and travel time with family.

Predeceased by her husband, Maryana is survived by: her brother Paul Sheahan and wife Lydia, of Brooksville FL; her daughters and their spouses, Suzanne and George Tranfaglia, of Orlando, FL, Kathleen and Mike Grady, of Long Branch, Sheila and Joseph Eskridge, of Sea Bright, and Bonnie and John Travers, of PA.; and her grandchildren, Maria Tranfaglia, Ryan Eskridge, and Patrick and Christopher Travers.

A private memorial is being planned.

Prosecutor: Area Man Gets 40 Years for 10-Year Sex Assault

A Monmouth County man who was convicted of sexually assaulting a female family member for a decade, from childhood to adulthood, has been sentenced to 40 years in a New Jersey state prison, Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni announced.

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Scene Around: Knollwood Grad Moments

These are the moments … graduation moments. In this case, eighth grade graduation milestone moments. Those moments surrounding classic snapshots taken by the river, a couple of walks, a dance and some goodbyes to elementary and middle school days in Fair Haven and a hello to high school.

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Retro Knollwood Grad Girls Stylin’

Knollwood Class of ’74 graduation fashionistas Stephanie DeSesa, Elaine Van Develde and Wanda Becker.
Photo/Sally Van Develde

Eighth graders in the Rumson-Fair Haven area have graduated. They’ve walked their walks. They’ve struck their grad poses. And, they’ve dressed the part. Quite well.

Photos are popping up all over social media. And these crews of grade school cronies seem to have a panache we eighth graders of the 1970s lacked. There they all are … posing, arms wrapped around one another, sporting stylish clothes, tans and toothy grins.

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Retro Stylin’ Knollwood Grads

Knollwood School Class of 2002 Photo/Elaine Van Develde
Knollwood School Class of 2002
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

The Fair Haven Knollwood School grads were styling last night. And, the truth is that the eighth grade graduation attire has improved to the point of even parents turning wannabes of that mini-fashion world.

You’d have to admit, though, that fad dress-up attire has been kinder to the male gender over the years — except for the leisure suit. That was an unforgiving polyester fashion fail.

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Prosecutor: Former Atlantic Club Bookkeeper Indicted on Theft Charges

A Monmouth County grand jury has returned an 11-count indictment against a former bookkeeper for The Atlantic Club who has been charged with bilking the organization of more than $223,000 in five years, Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni announced on Monday.

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Honoring R-FH Area Dads

It was said last year. It’s being said again this year … 

Today is Father’s Day.

And, we at Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect are of the mind that the day is really about much more than flipping a burger and patting a good ol’ dad on the back.

It’s bigger than that. It goes way beyond your own dad’s back yard and a grilling or two.

Growing up in a small-town niche like the Rumson-Fair Haven area carries with it that family tie feeling. Some of us were fortunate enough to have great dads. Some not.

But, what we all somehow did and still do have is a strong kinship to the dads of our towns. Even if we just recall a look, a bellowing chide or a chuckle over some stupid kid thing we did, we remember the dads with whom we grew up.

Now, many of those kids are dads, too, and living where their dads raised them. Perhaps, or likely, finding themselves bellowing the same chidings, trying to impart the same wisdom.

So many of these men were volunteers we saw all over town, characters whose nuances or sayings we remember, or that one poor patient guy who ended up being the poor soul to pick us up when we were stupid enough to get caught hurling eggs and toilet paper on Mischief Night — or something equally as dumb.

Yes, we do and should memorialize our own dads. Believe me, I, for one, am still looking for that money tree my dad told me was in the back yard and that gal named Dumb Dori whom he said I emulated when lacking “street smarts” to a pathetic degree.

Yet, I also vividly remember the calm, “I’m going to kill those idiots” smile on my friend Stephanie’s dad when he picked us up at the police station after following through on a really dumb dare. Then there was the “To tell you the truth, my friend, I don’t know” quote that consistently came out of Daryl’s dad’s mouth as he shook his head in wonderment over our mangled teen logic.

There were those dads for all of us — each leaving his own patriarchal imprint in our juvenile minds. For them we are grateful — for raising us here, for coming together to protect and nurture us and for offering a communal scolding or 100, for loving all their village’s children.

They were part of this community’s foundation — everyone’s founding fathers.

Our Retro Pic (or video) of the Day honors the area’s dads of those days for those reasons and so many more.

We don’t have nearly enough photos to encapsulate all the love and all of the dads, but this is a sufficient sampling to get the message across.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in the community who have been there for us and given us lessons and words to live by!

— Photos/courtesy of Rumson, Fair Haven family members via Facebook