Retro RFH Dank Daze of Junior Lounging

Lounging in the RFH Junior Lounge circa late 1970s.
Photo/George Day

A reprise from 2019 as an ode to the rainy, lazy days after the spurt of locals’ summer sunshine. Cheers and sun up!

The weather has not been quite fair these days. In fact, it’s been downright dank. And with dreary weather comes a little bit of a lackadaisical mood — especially for students cooped up in a high school all day. But, back in the day, there was a remedy for what ailed RFH students when lazy, hazy days drenched with dismal weather set in. That colored brick and pillar remedy was the Junior Lounge. Continue reading Retro RFH Dank Daze of Junior Lounging

Rumson Police Report: Theft, Drugs, DUI

The following October arrests were reported by Rumson police.
An arrest does not constitute a conviction.

• Anthony Goltsch, 40, of Manchester, was arrested on Oct. 13 at police headquarters and charged with theft by failure to make required disposition of property by Detective Donald Schneider.

• Skylar Leventhal, 20, of Asbury Park, was arrested on Oct. 9 in the area of Lakeside Drive and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) and possession of CDS paraphernalia by Patrolman Michael Berger.

Gilberto Romero Jimenez, 28, of Red Bank, was arrested on Oct. 4 in the area of Navesink Avenue and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) by Patrolman Stephanie Lehner.

Raymond Waldron, 28, of Massachusetts, was arrested on Oct. 3 in the area of Laurel Lane and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) by S/O Christopher Ibarra.