Remembrance: Fair Haven’s Rudy Garcia

Another Fair Haven dad, husband, neighbor and friend has passed away.

Longtime Fair Havenite and Korean War veteran Adolph S. “Rudy”  Garcia, known to many as a loving husband and father, world traveler and kind friend, “passed gracefully and peacefully from this Earth” on Oct. 20, his family said. He was 88.

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Reflection: Retro Halloween Parading

The following opinion piece on Halloween through the generations in Fair Haven was originally published in 2015. It is reprised annually … 

Before the parade passes by, this kid from Fair Haven has some parading memories on which to reflect. Remember this scene?

It’s a longstanding tradition — the Fair Haven Halloween Parade.

I remember it well — from my first parade trek back in the late 1960s to the ’70s, 80s, 90s and now.

It all started at age 7 with a wish to be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. That little dress-up fantasy was foiled when my mother couldn’t get the gingham outfit together, my pigtails were not so poised for the silver screen look and my sister refused to crawl down Hance Road as Toto.

I guess it was bad enough that from the age of 3, she was forced by this pint-sized dominatrix 5-year-old Dorothy to crawl on a makeshift Funk and Wagnall’s encyclopedia Yellow Brick Road to Oz in the living room. The neighbors never quite got over it, either.

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The R-FH Area Weekend: Fair Haven Halloween Egg Hunt & Parade

2014 Fair Haven Halloween Parade
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

A new tradition in Fair Haven precedes a very old one on Saturday when the borough’s Halloween Egg Hunt (of all things) gets things literally rolling in Sportsman’s Field at 10:30 a.m. before the Halloween Parade at 11.

Egg hunts are typically called the “quickest” events in borough history, as kids gather behind a designated, cordoned-off line and are let loose with one signal to scramble all over the field and gather Halloween eggs filled with prizes. Yes, Halloween eggs. No Easter bunny involved.

Immediately following that, across the street at Knollwood School, the lineup for the parade begins. The parade follows the usual route down Hance Road, onto River and then on to the Fair Haven Firehouse grounds for treats, prizes and a little spooktacular (or something like that) fun.

See you around the towns!

2014 Fair Haven Halloween Parade
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

Retro Benched RFH Halloween Paraders

RFH Halloween of 1977 with a gaggle of girls
Photo/George Day

Well, it’s about that time for Halloween parades. In fact, Fair Haven’s is on Sunday. And, back in the day, RFH had its own high school Halloween parade.

Some bunny — or a few bunnies and other assorted suspicious characters — got dressed for the occasion, paraded themselves around campus and benched themselves for a spell, too.

The Halloween spirit is in the air. And these senior gaggle of girls embodied it. From controversial, yet timely and popular at the time, Playboy bunny costumes, to Raggedy Ann, a ghost, a cat, a gypsy and whatever else, they were parading and pleased with their choices.

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Police Report: Robbery, Burglary, Theft, harassment, Weapons, Marijuana, Assault, DWI

The following September criminal incidents and arrests were reported by Red Bank police. An arrest does not constitute a conviction.

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Retro RFH Football Stripes Earned

In case you haven’t seen this one before and in honor of football season … a reprise …

RFH football team of the past

Do we have a cheer for RFH football? Yes, football season has kicked into high gear at RFH, so let’s take a moment to tackle this handsome team of players of an unknown year as well as the issue of name and uniform style.

Is it all in a name or uniform? Certainly not. It’s all about the game and how it’s played, of course. But, there are some quirks worth taking the ball and running with for a bit. No harm, no fumble. Just fun.

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