Retro Fair Winner

We have a winner at the 2015 Fair Haven Firemen's Fair Photo/Elaine Van Develde
We have a winner at the 2015 Fair Haven Firemen’s Fair
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

Yup, it’s Friday night. It’ll soon be time for that Mega Millions drawing.

Yes, of course, everyone wants to be a winner!

So, in honor of those lucky winners and the idea that the Fair Haven Firemen’s Fair is coming soon, the Retro Pic of the Day honors both with a shot from last year of one of the first, very surprised and elated, 50/50 winners at the fair.

Cheers to the winners! The look on his face just says it all!

Simple Summer: Gone Crabbin’

Crabbing at the Fair Haven Dock. Photo/Elaine Van Develde
Crabbing at the Fair Haven Dock.
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

Yes, it’s pretty simple. Summertime crabbing at the Fair Haven Dock.

It’s the go-to simple summer activity in the Rumson-Fair Haven area.

It’s something that spans generations and demographics. If you grew up in this area, it’s pretty customary to, at some point in your youth, grab a bucket, a net and steal some of your mother’s chicken (that she may have counted on cooking that night) to go crabbing at the dock.

Who knows? You could end up changing the dinner menu anyway.

It’s a simple summer thought of the day. See?

The R-FH Area Weekend: Concerts & Sidewalk Sale

There’s a 60 percent chance of rain on Saturday night, according to the National Weather Service, but there’s a concert and some sale shopping planned in the Rumson-Fair Haven area.

Starting on Friday … 

It’s the 62nd year of neighboring Red Bank’s traditional sidewalk sales.

Many R-FH area people remember either catching a bus for 5 cents or walking to Red Bank, babysitting money tucked in that change pocket of the Levis, to walk around, hang with friends and buy just about any bargain more for the sake of the event than price, and head home with that sidewalk sale souvenir.

This year, the sale will again fill the streets of Red Bank on Friday, Saturday and Sunday comprising more than 60 retailers from 6 to 9 . Parking is free, if you’re driving and not hiking it or catching a bus like the kids of the old days.

For a full list of sale participants click here.

StreetLife performances will be held on Friday from 6 to 9 p.m., Saturday from noon to 3 p.m. and 6 to 9 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 3 p.m. featuring various musicians and family entertainment.

And on Saturday, if the rain doesn’t come …

Fair Haven is holding two Concerts on the Dock.

Local teen band Avery Rose & the Thorns, a funk/rock band, will play at 6 p.m. at the Fair Haven Dock at the foot of Fair Haven Road.

At 7:30 p.m., SHARKHAVEN, a classic and alternative rock band, will play. SHARKHAVEN  is comprised of musicians from The Haven, Riptide, and The Danjo’s bands.

There is no charge and light concessions will be sold.

*In the event of heavy rain, an e-blast notification will be sent out prior to the show.

Prosecutor: DNA Evidence Clears Area Man of Rape

The conviction of an area man Long Branch man, released from prison in 1997 after serving four years for the 1988 rape of a 17-year old girl, will be vacated, Acting Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni announced in a press release recently.

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Police Report: Theft, CDS Possession

The following recent criminal incidents and arrests were reported by Shrewsbury police. An arrest does not constitute a conviction.

Criminal Incidents

• There was a report of a theft on July 20 in the area of SaksOff Fifth on Broad Street. The victim reported that merchandise valued at $1,589.99 was stolen.

Patrolman Daniel DeCristofaro is investigating.


• Brenda A. Andara, 22, of Tinton Falls, was arrested on July 21 in the area of Patterson Avenue and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) by Patrolman Ryan Cullinane.

• Richard J. Mayer, 25, of Jackson, was arrested on July 22 in the area of Broad Street and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) by Patrolman Joseph Barnicle.

• Cliff Carpenella Jr., 27, of Margate, FL, was arrested on July 20 on in the area of Sycamore Avenue on a contempt of court (COC) warrant by Patrolman Daniel DeCristofaro.

• Thermon Perry Jr., 40, of Asbury Park, was arrested on July 21 in the area of Sycamore Avenue on a contempt of court (COC) warrant by Patrolman Daniel DeCristofaro.

Retro Happy Fair Haven Campers

Happy campers at the Fair Haven campout in 2013 Photo/Elaine Van Develde
Happy campers at the Fair Haven campout in 2013
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

Fair Haven had its annual new traditional borough-wide campout on Saturday night.

Things got off to a steamy start, as the temps were high, humid and seemingly climbing. As of tent-pitching time, there were only two crews pitching in the Fair Haven Fields.

The helpers camped out at the campout entrance, told us they thought there’d be more campers joining in as the sun set and people parked themselves for the games and movie.

A few years ago, in 2013, it was a bit cooler out and the place was crawling with very happy, and pretty hysterically funny, campers.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day is dedicated to the happy campers of a past campout.

This crew, in particular, loved to pose for pics.

Recognize anyone? Kudos to the campers who braved the heat to sleep under the stars on Saturday!

— Elaine Van Develde

A Rumson Barn Theatre Show Biz Buds Reunion

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once upon a time, 39 summers ago, in a little red building that looked like a  barn and acted like a theater, a bunch of high school kids were brought together, united in a common mission to “go on with the show” Bye Bye Birdie.

The place was The Barn Theatre. The building is still there — near the corner of Ridge Road and Avenue of Two Rivers. The cast of Birdie was comprised of a gaggle of theater-loving teens who didn’t recoil, but, rather, relished long rehearsals on summer nights.

There were high schoolers from Rumson-Fair Haven and the surrounding area. They auditioned, got cast and got down to the businesses of putting on a show and getting to know one another very quickly — as the usual route of show biz goes.

They acted, sang, danced and rollicked their way to what turned out to be a lifetime bonding experience.

Birdie was a hit back in 1977 at The Barn. The bonding experience proved to be an unbreakable one.

The teens ended up going their separate ways to college and theater paths of their own, or not.

But, they never forgot that summer of 1977. And, a few weeks ago, two cast members reunited after 35 years (they had seen each other four years after the show). The two were Connie Cairo (then Cairo) and Alisa Roblenski. Connie played Birdie-obsessed lead teen Kim MacAfee and Roblenski was a Birdie loving teen.

The two, who this Birdie mayor’s wife, Edna, recently reconnected with on Facebook, shared their reunion with us. Take a look.

This is why these two can honestly say, “We love you, Barn Theatre, oh yes we do!” and there’s really “no business like show business!”

To quote, loosely, a song from Birdie, “One bond, one special bond … one bond to grow with …” Sniff, sniff, smile.

This Barn reunion theme is catching! Curtain up! Heads up! Stay tuned for another!

— Elaine Van Develde


Simple Summer: Fair Haven Campout

The concept doesn’t get any simpler for summer — a tent, some games, some snacks, some buddies, a movie and sleeping (sort of) under the stars far enough outside of your own back yard to call it an outing.

It’s what kids and parents gathered to do on Saturday in Fair Haven. It was the borough’s annual campout at Fair Haven Fields.

It was still steaming hot at tent pitching time — around 7 p.m..

The Fair Haven Recreation Department helpers were ready and curbside at the fields and set to inform campers about the rules and regs. And the concession stand was staffed. But, well, by 7:30 p.m., only two sets of campers had arrived.

The helpers anticipated that more would show when the movie started at 8:45 and they were ready!

This is how this simple summer night of new local tradition got started on Saturday. These guys in the featured photo were a little wilted from the humidity, but still smiling and energetic enough to kid around with each other a little. Though, one of them reflected that he thinks he always has a “reluctant gaze” when photographed. Hmmm. Can you guess which is the reluctant reflector?

If you have any photos of the campout after perhaps more campers arrived and more fun ensued or fewer campers looked “reluctant,” send them to us at for our camp night slideshow for later. 

— Elaine Van Develde

Retro Rumson Barn Theatre Buds

Elaine Van Develde, Alisa Roblenski and Elaine Kraft — Barn Theatre buddies rehearsing Bye Bye Birdie in 1977. Photo/Elaine Van Develde
Elaine Van Develde, Alisa Roblenski and Elaine Kraft — Barn Theatre buddies rehearsing Bye Bye Birdie in 1977.
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

Coincidence? Sort of. It just so happens that it is summer. It is just so happens that Bye Bye Birdie has been running on the Decades channel on TV. And it just so happens that it’s now been 39 years (WHAT??) since summer theater at The Barn Theatre in Rumson was in full swing and in rehearsals for Bye Bye Birdie.

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DWI Checkpoint in Fair Haven

There will be a DWI checkpoint in Fair Haven Friday night through Saturday morning.

The check point, sponsored by the Monmouth County DWI Task Force in cooperation with the Fair Haven Police Department, will be set up in the Acme parking lot on River Road from 10 p.m. Friday through 2 a.m. Saturday.

Fair Haven police will be pulling vehicles into the parking lot from the eastbound lanes of River Road to assess drivers’ sobriety, according to task force authorities.