Prosecutor: Major Area Cocaine, Heroin Drug Bust

From the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office … 

Five of eight people charged with the sale of cocaine and heroin at two licensed alcohol establishments in Keansburg have been arrested, announced Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni on Monday. Three remain at large.

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Area Woman Pleads Guilty to 2015 Fatal Hit-and-Run

From the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office … 

A Middletown woman pleaded guilty Friday to leaving the scene of a fatal motor vehicle accident and endangering the welfare of her juvenile passengers, announced Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni.

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Focus: NY Skyline View from a Sea Bright Beach

Before the rain … the views of the New York skyline from Sea Bright Public Beach were clear and colorful on a local summer day at the end of last week.

The city is roughly 20 miles away and on days like this it looks close enough to catch … an Uber to.

People who’ve seen this view have argued that it can’t possibly be New York. Well, it is. It’s been documented many times over. So, enjoy the view.

— Elaine Van Develde

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Retro FH Tigers Cheer!

Fair Haven Tigers cheerleaders circa 1973 or '74 Photo/courtesy of Karen Memmot Hooten
Fair Haven Tigers cheerleaders circa 1973 or ’74
Photo/courtesy of Karen Memmot Hooten

Can we have a retro cheer for football season?

The year was 1973 (maybe ’74). The cheerleaders were cheering for the Fair Haven Tigers — pop warner.

The Tigers played on the RFH field and their gear, as was the cheerleaders, was aptly orange and black.

Karen Memmot Hooten sent this Retro Pic of the Day of the the girls who she said knew absolutely nothing about football, but could do a mad good cheer! “We didn’t know half the time which cheers we should be calling,” she joked.

The Tigers’ cheerleaders donned hand-me-down, hand-sewn uniforms funded by bake sales and nothing else. Turtle necks, knee socks and saddle shoes were supplied by the girls’ parents and they made their own pom-poms for the shoes. The budget back in the day was a very small one.

Mrs. Eelman and Mrs. Butler were the cheer coaches. And, yes, Jo Butler Heath, who works at Knollwood, was one of the cheerleaders and is in this pic. Can you find her?

Recognize anyone else? A lot of these girls are still in the area. You’d be likely to run into a couple or more of them at the Acme now and then.

Goooooo Tigers!

— Elaine Van Develde

Retro RFH Caribbean Spirits

With the start of local summer and school, students’ thoughts naturally turn to warmth and freedom. They start to daydream.

And as it gets cooler outside, those daydreams tend to have a festive tropical island motif — well, this one anyway.

Back in the 1970s, RFH students, or a gaggle of guys, anyway, manifested those thoughts of warmer beach days, among other valiant party pursuits, into a club — The Caribbean Club.

These guys beached it in Sea Bright or somewhere along the Shrewsbury River throughout the school year. Leaving behind their bathing trunks, clad in those classic RFH button down shirts, sometimes flannel, sweaters, Levis and topsiders, the dozen of these senior dudes sought sunsets on the Shrewsbury, beer (yes, beer), parties and a proper “bon voyage for seniors embarking on the cruise of life,” so goes the description of the club in the 1975 RFH Yearbook.

Well, they did have a charitable mission. They sponsored Halloween and Christmas parties.

Somehow we’re thinking that this club would have never cut it in this era, much less made it to the yearbook touting a partying prowess. So, “Cheers!” to the Caribbean Club of yesteryear.

You guys are truly RFH policy antiques.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day takes us back to 1975 and some Caribbean Club dreams.

Who knows where the Caribbean Club hosted its most notable parties? Were you there?

— Elaine Van Develde

Sea Bright’s Simple Local Summer

It’s that treasured time of the year for locals — local summer.

The weather is still prime for beaching it and the crowds are gone. It’s time for locals in the Rumson-Fair Haven area to get some of what’s left of the best of the sun, sand, surf and and solace in Sea Bright.

Get a glimpse into the local summer world … Take a look at our slideshow and photo gallery. Ahhhh. Enjoy.

— Elaine Van Develde

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9/11: Day’s End Reflection, 15 Years Later

 By Elaine Van Develde
It was a beautiful Tuesday. The sun was shining. The air was crisp. The coffee even tasted especially good.
I remember. Most of us remember where we were on Sept. 11, 2001 at 8:46 a.m.. I know I do. I also remember how everything went from bright, crisp, fragrant and optimistic to dark, dank, acrid and fearful in one second.
For me, a reporter living in Fair Haven and covering Middletown, it went like this …
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